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    Export Frame and voice over recordings not going into destination bins


      I've just updated to PP 2018 and since doing that when ever I do an export frame, or doing some narration recording using voice over recording, the files that are created go into the first level of the project window, not into the bin that I have opened for them to go into. It very frustrating, have to find the newly created file among all the project files. I've tried to find any setting in all the preferences but nothing will get the files to go to the selected destination bins. If I make a subclip from the source window, I can get that to go into the bin that I have opened. When I went back and opened PP 2017 and tested the same things, the files went into the destination bins that I had opened... SO some crazy Bug with 2018, or they ahve changed a setting that I've never seen before.. Has anyone else had this problem ???