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    Dng bug?

    walterono Level 1

      I have just changed camera from a Canon to the Sony a73. When I was using Canon I always changed its raw files to dng files, which were smaller than Canon raw files. With the Sony, however,

      • dng files are only minimally smaller than Sony's when using uncompressed raw, both clocking in around 46-47 MB
      • Sony's compressed raw files weigh in at 23 MB or so. When converted to dng, they mushroom to 46-47 MB!

      Is this a bug in the dng conversion process?


      LR Classic 7.4, Windows 10 64 bit, 12GB ram.

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          elie_di Level 4

          Nope, the DNG Converter is decompressing the compressed Raw before converting it to DNG and not recompressing. That's the way it's supposed to work. If you want compression opt for Lossy DNG (t's not as lossy as jpg compression).