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    "Make Shareable" - How to Remove? Why no Swap Set option?

    Emily_Watts Level 1

      Does anyone know how to un-share a part of your puppet after you've clicked "Make Shareable?" (Other than using the History menu to un-do it?)


      I have a set of arms I would like to share within my puppet so I can use one set for each of my body views; however, I need to add a Swap Set to the arms first. Once you've clicked "Make Shareable," the option to add a Swap Set is no longer available. You can add triggers, but add Swap Set is greyed out -- why is that?


      So, I'd like to un-share my arms, add the Swap Set, and then make them shareable! Thoughts?


      Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 11.53.20 AM.png

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          alank99101739 Level 4

          I have found some buttons get greyed out at the wrong time. I think just create the trigger and drag into a swap set later in the “triggers” panel. Worth a try anyway.


          i am not at computer and never tried the shareable feature, so not sure how to make unsharable.

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            Emily_Watts Level 1

            Thanks alank99101739! You got me pointed in the right direction! Once you make the arm Shareable, it becomes its own puppet, so its Triggers & Swap sets show up in a completely separate Triggers menu, which you only see if you click on the arm layers.


            Here's what I did:

            1. I clicked one of the arm variations and that switched my Triggers menu to a new menu that's specific to the Arm "puppet" only

            2. Selected the option to create an empty Swap Set

            3. Dragged my arm variations into the Swap Set

            Screen Shot 2018-07-22 at 1.45.45 PM.png


            Then repeated for the other arm, which also has its own separate Triggers menu now that it's a Shareable puppet part. Seems to have worked!


            Still not sure how to make some un-shared once you share it, but this workaround for the Swap Set seems to have solved my immediate issue with the arms. Thanks again!

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              DanTull Adobe Employee

              Yeah, this is a little confusing/complicated, so you'll have to bear with me for a bit.


              Triggers can't currently span shared puppets. When Left Arm becomes a shared puppet, the Left Arm node is referenced by the outer puppet but its children are part of a new shared puppet. While you have Left Arm selected, the triggers panel is showing the triggers for the outer puppet. The create swap set command generally creates a trigger in the context of the current puppet (so the newly created item will appear in the triggers panel) but containing the layers/groups within that puppet.


              When the currently selected item is the root of a shared puppet, its children are in a different puppet, the new swap set command has a few options:

              - create the swap set one level down and add the children to it, but the new trigger will not be immediately visible in the panel
              - create the swap set in the current puppet, but do not add the children since the are in the shared subpuppet
              - create the swap set as normal, but its layers will span 2 shared puppets.


              The first two options _look_ broken. The third option was an actual bug at one point. It looked ok, but the reference structure was not valid and it'd blow up badly later. The disabling of the menu was a stopgap to avoid that problem, but as you've noted is a bit confusing in its own way.



              Eventually the triggers panel will probably supporting showing triggers from shared puppets within the current puppet so the first option above would do the same thing as creating the swap set first and then invoking make sharable, but we haven't reworked the triggers panel to support that yet.


              The workaround is to select all the items under your (shared) Left Arm. In the triggers panel, use the + to create a new swap set. Then, with those items still selected, right click and use the Create Triggers in Swap Set command to create triggers for each of them in your newly created swap set. It's 2 steps instead of 1, but should create the same trigger structure you would have gotten before.



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                Emily_Watts Level 1

                Thanks DanTull! Makes sense and I appreciate the detail! You rock.