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    Drag and Drop in Training Simulation

      Hi everyone. Newbie here.

      I am creating a software training module. One of my exercises requires my users to re-order some columns by dragging and dropping. If I record in training simulation, is there a way to capture drag and drop? Or do I just need to create a click zone on the column header and then jump to the next slide where the column is in its correct location?
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Capture of a drag and drop action should be automatic if all defaults are left. There is a feature called "full-motion" recording that is automatically invoked whenever a left-click-and-hold action is detected by Captivate - during the Recording function.

          Note the "full-motion" I am referring to is NOT the same as using the "Full Motion" recording mode. If there is confusion about this, let us know and someone hereabouts will give you a detailed explanation.

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