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    Multi-cam sequence loses audio sync

    toddprod75 Level 1

      This is so strange to me.  I have been chasing this problem for days with no answer.


      I have a multi-cam sequence made up of several different cameras (GoPro, Canon C100 Mk2, Canon 7D, Panasonic DVX200)... into the edit 34 minutes out of a total of just over an hour in length.

      In the multicam sequence, at this 34 mins (and some change) ONE of the cameras (Canon C100 mk2) loses audio sync! 

      But in the layered (nested) sequence file, the Canon's audio is perfectly synced! 

      Driving me nuts!!!

      At a friends suggestion, I re-encoded the Canon to a different codec (from h.264 MP4, to various others)... NOTHING WORKS!!! 


      Can anyone provide an answer?  Adobe??