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    Green corrupt video only shows problem when importing to Instagram


      Hey folks, a few times recently I've exported my video and found that the final product has this green distorted, corrupt look. I realized that that error was occuring whenever I had a "Dip to Black" effect/transition, so I deleted those, re-exported my video and now avoid that setting. Problem patched.


      Now I'm seeing this similar green distorted look, but it's not caused by an effect. And I can't tell the the video is messed up until I try to upload it to Instagram stories or IGTV. I'm exporting my video with the following settings:



      1080 x 1920 (vertical for IG)

      Render at Maximum depth checked

      Frame rate 29.97 (Matched to Source)


      VBR, 2 pass encoding

      Target bitrate 8 mbps

      Maximum bitrate mbps

      Use Maximum Render Quality checked


      As far as I can tell, these settings align with all of the recommended export settings I can find for Instagram. So I exported my video to my desktop and it looks great, no errors. I transfer the video to my phone via Google Drive and it looks great, no errors. Then, I try to upload the video to IGTV or IG stories and here's what the preview looks like, for the entire 40 second video:




      I even continued the upload process and posted the video to my IGTV channel to see if was just a preview issue; no such luck. The green distorted/corrupt moving thing continued. Can someone please help!?