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    Premiere will not close when I exit the program

    Omninomninous Level 1

      This is a huge issue. I've been trying to get around it for months now but my work around is not working any longer. I have been working on a project. When I save the project and close the program, Premiere continues to run as a background service. So it will not relaunch. I have to open the task manager end the process. Then when I open the program again my project is not viewable in the preview screen or the timeline preview. However, when I go to color correct I can see the small video but not the preview screen.


      I was going to Users/User/Documents/Adobe/Premiere Pro/12.0 and just deleting the 12.0 folder. Then ending the process in task manager. Then relaunching Premiere and it would work. Only until I closed the software. Then on the next relaunch the same problem. Now, that isn't even working. I'm just getting a white screen for the timeline preview, No visual in the library preview. But the audio works fine. Can someone please help me with this. I'm losing my mind. Thanks.