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    Transfering Photos


      I am stepping up to Adobe Lightroom Classic CC from Adobe Lightroom CC.

      Is there a way to transfer or at least access the photos that I had stored in the cloud through Adobe Lightroom CC? I am not immediately seeing that option.


      Thank you!

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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just log onto CC from Classic and it will download all the images you have currently stored in CC. This is done from the top-left LR icon where it shows your name normally. Select "Sync with Lightroom CC" from there.

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            Laura Shoe Adobe Community Professional

            Before you do this, you might want to go into LR Classic Preferences, and on the Lightroom Sync tab towards the bottom, specify where you want these photos stored - in what folder on what hard drive, and whether you want them automatically organized into date folders. If you don't, you can always move them later using the Folders panel to drag and drop, but it saves you that step.