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    CC 12.1.2: Bugs that have not been fixed or even acknowledged by Adobe

    wolfkain Level 2

      I know this forum is not being monitored by Adobe.

      I have reported every single one of those bugs and even more on Adobe's Wishform and on UserVoice.


      I'm tired of waiting a bug-free release. I know we can't have 100% bug free software, but all we ask is at least 50% bug free. We need to somehow, get the job done...



      1. No audio on project open, playback or export. Solo-Unsolo trick stopped working. Only solution is to restart Premiere. Adobe said it was fixed

      2. Workspace change causes immediate crash. Only solution is to fit all windows in one workspace. Say goodbye to productivity. Has been acknowledged by Adobe.

      3. Lumetri Scopes will sometimes display a white screen instead of the scopes.

      4. Audio-ducking still doesn't work as supposed. You can blame it along with Audition integration for the whole chaos on Premiere on 12.0 and above.

      5. Premiere still doesn't preserve workspace settings (metadata, bin view, timecode panels) on new projects. You have to reset to saved layout each and every time.

      6. Sometimes when you insert or overwrite a clip in timeline, it doesn't appear. You have to move the playhead or do something else to see it.

      7. Dynamics as a track insert effect will cause static noise on gaps. Again, thank Audition integration for this.

      8. Motion and effect handles still disappear randomly. You can only move things numerically when this happens.

      9. Audio shifts on EQ track effects (Subtle Boost, Dynamics, etc.) using Essential Sound or stand-alone. Spend hours trying to find the cause on a project.

      10. Titles have the worst anti aliasing ever when playing the sequence. It even changes the font's strength. It's fine if it's paused or when exported.


      3 months were more than enough to solve most if not all of them, but Adobe's 12.1.2 patch release was only to solve the famous disabled search box.

      Thanks Adobe for the 1 out of 11.