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    Catalog migration Lightroom 5.0 to Lightroom CC

    philipph30550294 Level 1



      I'm having some trouble in the migration process of my catalog from lightoom 5.0 to Lightroom CC. (34'000 photos and around 350 GB)


      I did the following step as written in the support page:


      1. Installed Lightroom Classic CC

      2. Imported the catalog in Lightroom Classic CC


      Everything fine at this point


      Now I should migrate the catalog to Lightroom CC but it fails.

      • First i was trying to import only the catalog without the original image and it was faling right at the start, then I connected NAS with the original images and now goes futher till the "file path check" (" Validazione percorso file") then "images validation"  ( "Convalida delle immagini") then it stop with the "migration error" message without futher infomration.

      My SO and program disc (C:) is almost full 10 GB left, while my storage disc (D:) got planty of space left ( 700 GB), Could this be a problem?