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    CFObject  and java Class

      I am trying to call a java class using cfobject tag.
      I placed my all classes under D:\cfm\ecpay\classes folder . And add this path to jvm.config file.
      I am getting class Not Found Exception while running my page.

      Here is the code of cfobject

      type = "java"
      name = "myObj"
      class = "ExcelToDb2"
      action = "create">
      <cfset ret = myObj.init()>

      can some help me out on this.

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          Oğuz Demirkapı Level 1
          It is pretty straight forward and I think there would be a problem for "Classpath". Please check it again in your CF admin. There would be also syntax error.

          Restarting the server is also required in case you compile a new class etc.

          Alternatively you can copy your classes into the directory "cfroot\wwwroot\WEB-INF\classes" and restart the server before testing them.