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    Unable to locate media even manually


      Hi, I've been working on a project in CC 2017 that has been opening up through Box Drive. I need to switch laptops, so I downloaded Box and Premiere Pro, but now I can't open the files from Box anymore. It is always unable to locate media, and freezes whether I try to locate immediately, or Offline it and try to locate manually. The few times that I've been able to follow the path all the way back to the original location, it doesn't find any of the correct media, even though I don't have this problem with the exact same file set on a different computer. What should I do?


      Thank you

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          My first thought is to get everything out of the Box folders.  Put the project file and all media into a normal folder.

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            Jeff Bugbee Adobe Community Professional

            Has your Box drive synced with your new laptop? I'm guessing your media hasn't finished downloading from the cloud (even though it may show the icons as if they are there)

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              Hello - I have users (graphics designers) using Box Drive, and the more receently implemted MFO (mark for offline access).


              So far they have not reported issues with Box Drive, except for slow opening due to downloading content to the local cache.


              BOX DRIVE does have an accurate (i think) tag on the folder icon which indicates whether the file is local/synced, uploading / downloading, or in the cloud.


              HOWEVER - Box Drive is reporting that some files are not syncing.  You can see the list of files not uploading by going to ctrl-alt-****-B and hit the gear icon - it will show you the errors.


              Errors we have had:

              1.     File too large to upload in Box Drive

              2.     characters in filename

              3.     too long path-filename - it is theoretically 240 characters  but seems to choke if over 200 or so.

              4.     some unallowed file types


              We are looking to use BRIDGE in conjunction with BOX DRIVE to manage a large library of graphics images, so I would be interested in any experience you all have with BOX DRIVE and Adobe CC.