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    Lightroom WILL NOT LOAD thumbnails when accessing large folders of photos!


      First off, it's pitiful that Adobe makes support for their products completely inaccessible by any method other than a public message board. Shame on them for such basic evasiveness and lack of accountability.  Hoping SOMEONE can please help me with a very basic issue.


      Adobe Lightroom WILL NOT LOAD thumbnails when I'm accessing folders with large numbers of photos in them, and this is becoming a hindrance to the basic operation of the program (especially as updates come out).  I'm simply trying to access a folder with a ton of photos in it (>9000 which is very typical in the event photography world), and no matter HOW FAR DEEP I scroll or how long I stay within that folder the thumbnails just STOP loading past 10-15 thumbnails deep.


      How do I set the program so that I can actually SEE all the photos in a folder?  How is this basic question something that eludes the *entire* Adobe Lightroom design team?  It seems as though Adobe never actually talks to power users when updating this program anymore, and is tailoring it more away from serious photo archivists and power users.  It's a shame because Lightroom has long evaded the general uselessness of many other Adobe Suite products.  Anyway I'm hoping someone has some good advice because this is becoming routinely infuriating.

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          cmgap Adobe Community Professional

          Where are your photos located? Internal drive or external drive. If external drive... is it connected? Can you upload a screen shot of the entire library window.


          Can you see thumbnails in folders with less images?


          Have you moved or renamed your previews.lrdata file?


          Can you upload a screen shot of your Lightroom folder?

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            sethp46319519 Level 1

            Thanks so much for answering so quickly, cmgap!  I'll get a screenshot tomorrow.


            Photo location: all are stored on an external LaCie drive array (with 5 drives inside) that is formatted to Raid10, and is connected persistently via Thunderbolt 2 (it's a massively fast connection and that's the fastest RAID version available).


            Photo collection: it's huge (over 1 million), formatted as many subfolders under only 1 drive volume on the LaCie (and there are about 10-15 "root" folders there representing each program/department that the photos represent).  They're all on that blazingly fast LaCie array, the LaCie is always connected and always on. The previews file and catalog file remain persistently stored on that same external drive, but again I never disconnect or move that drive at all.


            As far as computer specs I have 48 gigs of DDR3 Ram, and the AMD Radeon HD FirePro D300 built into my Mac Pro trash can has 2gb of video RAM.


            Now, per the Adobe Support twitter account, I have disabled all graphics card acceleration - and this DOES seem to have helped somewhat.  I will update soon when I use it more.  (But also why would disabling graphics card acceleration help when I have 48 gigs of RAM?)


            On a general note, my inclination would be that thumbnails in any given folder are supposed to load when you access the folder - but that's the behavior that isn't happening. It didn't seem to be "thinking ahead" at all when I'm scrolling through folders that are the only folders being accessed in the Library window.

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              What size previews are you generating in Lightroom?