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    4k on a Mac in Premiere Pro


      Is there any way to edit 4k h.264 on a Mac WITHOUT creating proxies?  I get that h.264 is a compressed format that requires a lot of juice to play back and editing in something like ProRes 422 is less taxing on a computer.  I just don't want to have to take the time to transcode.


      I get that Premiere isn't optimized for Mac.  WILL IT EVER BE?  PLEASE SAY YES?


      I gave up on 4k after I bought a maxed out 2017 Macbook Pro and found that it performed almost no better than my 2013 Macbook Pro. So I returned it.  Now the 2018 is here, and it sounds like it isn't much better in spite of 6 cores and 32GB or RAM.


      I'm looking at my options:  The new Macbook Pro? Get a PC? (pleae kill me)  FCPX? Gah?  An iMac?  Can an iMac handle it?


      To simplify:

      1.  What's the lowest end Mac that can effectively play/shuttle 4k H.264 in Premiere Pro?  Is there such a thing?


      2.  Will Adobe every optimize Premiere for Mac?