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    Issue with cf 8 and jboss 4.3

      I'm using CF 8 multiserver version with Model-glue framework. I'm trying to access EJBs from jboss4.3. And I'm getting this error.
      Could not access a java object field called TRACE.

      I have no problem with CF 8 and jboss4.2. When I did some research on the error, it says the issue could be log4j version and it should be later than 1.2.10. CF 8 comes with 1.2.12 which is valid. I searched in my machine and I have 1.2.9 used in cfeclipse but I don't see that in my classpath. I even checked in CF admin and that jar file is not in CF server class path as well as java class path. So I'm confused. Any help?.

      Error happens in the line where I'm accessing the reference to home object

      Here's my code