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    "Walk" Behavior Not Finding Puppet Handles

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      Hello All,


      I have been scouring the forums for a solution to this, but I have a feeling it could be bug related. I originally set up my puppet to have one body view (front) and 7 head views. My issue is that the "Walk" behavior is not finding all the tags (missing right toe, none from "frontal" body view, etc.). I tried to re-tag all of my handles, even removing and re-adding the walk behavior from the puppet but that didn't help. I also attempted to restructure my puppet to have 3 body views (Frontal, Left/Right Profile) each with their own Head/Body, taking after the "Maddy" example as suggested by another discussion on this forum, but it still won't find all the gosh darn things.  The only thing that I can tell is different between my puppet and "Maddy" is that she is rigged up to have keyboard events switch between the head views. Have a look at my puppet and please tell me that I'm not going crazy, Thanks.


      Puppet: char_Auddy.puppet - Google Drive




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          alank99101739 Level 4

          OKSamurai's July tips and tricks video talks about walks and head turner. Character Animator Tips & Tricks (July 2018) - YouTube - you might start there and see if that helps, but feel free to come back and ask if it does not.

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            alank99101739 Level 4

            Okay, so I snuck a quick look as well. There are a few errors around the place.

            • Move the "Frontal" profile first - walk behavior assumes the first child is the front profile (it does not use the Frontal tag!). The other two siblings should be the left and right profiles, tagged and hidden. (I just learnt that from the video above!)
            • Left Profile arms are independent, but you put the left arm tags in the right arm layer.
            • You legs are not independent but the feet overlap - I suspect that will cause weird distortion because it cannot move the legs indepdendently.
            • When you make the legs independent, you may need to adjust the "Attach to" to "Auto" as well.
            • Oh, hang on, your leg structure is a bit weird - you have legs inside legs (next to feet) but the nested leg is independent? I think the outer leg (the one including the foot) is what you want independent.

            instead try (look at the crowns)

            • The right profile, right leg, was missing the right toe tag.
            • The walk left and right profiles have feet pointing the same direction, which makes walking in one direction come out crazy. I think if you don't define the right profile then moving right will cause the puppet to walk backwards.
            • I moved the waist a bit lower, closer to the hips - looked a bit more natural.

            So I would watch the video, then go through the above. I probably did not catch everything, but it will get things going better. (I have not looked at head turns at all).

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              dillt Level 1

              Thanks for taking the time to help! I thought I had already watched that video, but it cleared up a lot of things for me!