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    action script

      Can anyone tell me how can I make effect like the below site? or can share the similar kind of fla file?


      All the main buttons will move randomly, and also enlarge while the cursor is on top. Thanks so much!
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          clbeech Level 3
          well I'd say here that these buttons are not moving at 'random' and are based on a system of Tweens (they may even be on the timeline) you'll note that when you hover on a button the other move to a specific position - and if you do so again they will return to the same position - this indicates that they are based on a 'set' Tween from point a to b - depending on which button is on the 'over' state. Also this would also be the trigger for the 'enlargement' of them - they would be constructed from MCs and when called to 'over' there will be an animation set up to scale and change them.

          although one could do this dynamically and even make the movements truly 'random' or even place them in continuous motion - how you construct it will all be related to exactly what effect and design you are after.
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            Cheekykid Level 1
            oh, thanks for your explanation, I understand now. As I am not a action script programming, it would be nice if there are some fla source that has the same function as I metioned, do you know where I can give them? Coz it's much easier for me to do it that way instead of going into the action script, thanks again.!
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              DoublehardUK Level 1
              Thanks for the explanation too guys