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    Outlook > pdf attachments showing Chrome icon

    jimk58076420 Level 1
      Not sure if this is the right spot to lob this, but figure I'd give it a shot.
      The issue is occurring on a Windows 10 laptop with Office 2016, Adobe Acrobat Pro and


      Chrome is set as the default browser

      Adobe is set as the default app for pdfs

      When the issue occurs is:


      1. In Adobe, when you click on “send file > email", when it creates the new email

      with the pdf attachment, while the ext. is .pdf, the icon showing is chrome.


      2. If you create a new email and click on “add attachment”.  When you navigate

      to the location of the pdf you want to attach, it is showing the correct icon, but once

      you attach it, again, the ext. is .pdf, the icon showing is chrome.


      3. When he receives an email with a .pdf attachment, it has the ext. as .pdf,

      but the icon is chrome, and when you click to open, it opens in a chrome tab, not adobe.


      I have pretty much the same setup as the user having the issue, but I cannot recreate.

      I've checked and verified that Adobe and Chrome have the correct file associations in

      Windows settings, and control panel.


      I've checked to see if there might be some Chrome extension installed, but nothing seems
      out of the ordinary (I have the same extensions added on my pc).

      Chrome is the default browser. I've gone in and changed it to IE, but that didn't resolve.


      It seems like it's an issue with Chrome interacting with Outlook, but I'm probably wrong on that.


      If anyone has any ideas, it would be appreciated!