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    Copying iPhone camera roll photos to desktop computer and LR Classic catalog via LR CC app

    GeorgTrakl Level 1

      Forgive the very basic question; I want to be sure I have this right before I get too far down the road.


      All I want to do is copy my iPhone camera roll photos to my desktop LR Classic catalog.


      I have activated sync in desktop LR Classic

      I have downloaded the LR CC iOS app to my phone

      I have used the app on my phone to add a few photos to sync, and they have appeared in my LR Classic catalog as expected


      What I don't fully grasp is just how much "syncing" to expect


      It appears to me that what's happening now is that the process as I've set it up is creating a new copy of the iPhone camera roll photos on my desktop computer (in the new "mobile downloads" folder inside the folder where my LR Classic catalog lives).


      I think that if I now delete that "synced" original from my phone's camera roll, the copy of the photo that's been created on my computer will be unaffected.


      And vice-versa: If I delete the copy from my LR Classic catalog, the original photo on my phone will be unaffected.


      So the way I've set this up, it's not really "syncing" between my phone's camera roll and my LR Classic catalog. Instead, it's just producing duplicates of my camera roll photos on my computer.


      Do I have that right? If so, I can work with that. Thanks for your help.