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    Retrieving my site - HELP


      Good Morning / Afternoon / or .... Evening!


      I find myself in a pickle. I am not the most computer savvy of people, but I can get by. Here is my problem;


      I was making an adjustment to the site which is up and operational - in my rush to adjust a photo item which seemed to have unlinked itself a prompt box came along and asked if I wanted to make it a site wide adjustment.


      I did not read it correctly - or -knowing me - did not fully understand it. So I said yes ..... and then my entire site on the computer, two weeks of work, disappeared from my computer - I thought for a split second I had lost just the update, but no - all I have is a first outdated version saved from when I started.


      The site is still up - I need to finish it - soon, as I am very close to launching my business, the big question,


      HOW do I reverse the process and pull it down to the computer? Is this possible?


      I really really don't want to have to spend another two weeks rebuilding it all over again, learning as I go ..... it was painful, but doable!


      All help very gratefully received.

      Thank you.