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    Importing PowerPoint slides

      My PowerPoint presentation containts animation activated by a required mouse click.

      I've imported my PowerPoint presentation to Captivate as animated slides; however, Captivate isn't recognizing my PowerPoint mouse-generated animation. The slide animation continues without waiting for a mouse click.

      If Captivate can't do this, then why am I importing PowerPoint slides? Shouldn't I be creating the entire project in Captivate then? If my Powerpoint animation won't work in Captivate as I've designed, then I don't understand the benefit of using PowerPoint slides other than having a consistent background.

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          anniekrs Level 1
          Never mind! I posted this in the wrong area, and I'm following a thread elsewhere that I think will help me.
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            If you get an answer to this please let me know because I've got the same problem. I've imported PowerPoint that contains hyperlinks that in conjunction with questions that if correct go to the next slide but if wrong it reviews the relevant slide again (played earlier in the presentation) and then automatically hyperlinks back to start playing the multiple choice questions again - can this be done in Captivate whilst still generating accurate scores?
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              anniekrs Level 1
              I found some answers under the "Import" section. Based on what I learned there, Captivate doesn't import Powerpoint as well as it thinks it does. I ended up created all my slides directly into Captivate in order to have more control. Hope this helps.