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    Do I have to use a zip app for a 5GB catalog on Mac?


      I am using LR Classic CC ver 7.4  My catalog is 5.37GB and when I try to backup and optimize it on shutdown, I get this message. If I use one of these apps, when in the process does it get applied? Do I just find the catalog with Finder and then compress it or is it already compressed and I'm using this app to unzip it? If so, when does that occur? I don't use zip apps so not familiar with the process. Also, pretty sure the catalog size is correct as I have a bunch of digitized 4x5 transparencies and  over 4 years of digital photos on there. I read about creating separate catalogs by year, subject and stuff but then read that there shouldn't be any problem having a large master file.  Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 10.32.42 AM.png