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    Finding conceptual information in documentation

    cheyrn Level 1

      Is there another product that uses the same concepts as character animator with perhaps more documentation about concepts behind creating animations? Most of my problems dealing with software since 2000, is the tendency to have examples be the only documentation. I then have to make multiple passes over the examples trying to figure out what concepts are being illustrated and what parts only apply to the specific example.

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          alank99101739 Level 4

          I think part of the problem is cost of production and maintenance of docs. It seems a common trend to have mainly reference from the vendor, then rely on community for guides and tutorials. Eg there are people on YouTube doing demos, there is a lynda course, etc. but no great shared resource linking to it all.


          i found some really interesting free content (blogs) on script writing for example. i also found YouTube channels like SeamlessR on digital music production. Lots of pictures and tutorials on drawing cartoon characters And anime.


          But I have not seen much on how to produce a cartoon from scratch. I wrote some blogs at extra-ordinary.tv (look for behind the scenes in the menu) but most I was capturing what I learnt because I did not find elsewhere. (Some of it was written as a novice.) I tried doing some YouTube videos as well, but not many views for the amount of effort (And the content is not very good!)


          There were workshops at adobe Max this year as well. I assume you have seen the monthly tips and tricks videos from adobe. They talk more about achieving affects than specific features.

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            SharonfromMD Level 2

            I have to say, I'm experiencing the same frustration, not with animation in general, but in using the program. The percentage of explanation regarding using it is minuscule compared to the creation of the puppet. I bought 10 puppets and am trying to use them in my music videos. It's very time consuming and frustrating, despite how much support there is from Adobe and the forum.


            I think everything should be written down. I'm tired of trying to search through videos. Personally, I find searching through videos to be slower, despite the wonderful graphics.


            I know, however, this is a very new program.

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              cheyrn Level 1

              I work in technical documentation as a programmer, as my career recently. I can say that it is a project of many companies to remove conceptual information and replace it with behavior for people to imitate. You can see this everywhere, like in fast food restaurants where menus tell you things you want as a type of person, rather than items for you to choose according to your personal tastes. So, it's a trend everywhere to avoid thought and imitate behavior instead. This gets you television personalities as president. I hope a trend in the opposite direction will find favor again in a new form.

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                alank99101739 Level 4

                So what would be the “ideal” resource? A set of like blog posts with supporting video content? Or are blog posts with screen shots generally enough? (You mentioned video only is too painful to search through - which I understand - the tips and tricks are great, but its not easy to find the right episode and offset within a 20 minute video covering multiple topics.)


                Some products allow comments on doc pages, so the community can add links to other resources. However some of the docs pages at the moment feel long (here are all the behaviors on one page). How effective are these forums for such text when looking for a solution (for what is listed)? Why not just get more questions asked here with answers? (Personally for some reason I don’t find searching the forums that effective - I frequently cannot find what I read previously again, but maybe that is just me.) Do we need like a wiki page to categorize links to useful forum posts? Or maybe set up standards around tags on forum posts (have a page listing the tags to use when marking up threads - so its easier to find material). I kinda like keeping all the content here in the forums In one place (I don’t think the community is big enough to have multiple locations - e.g. stackexchange etc).


                What resources out there have you found most useful so far?