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    load order question

    scottt6073095 Level 2

      I need to load content in a specific order where timing is super important. what is the best way to accomplish this in launch. In DTM, I could use sequential HTML but I don't see that option in launch for a third party tag.


      I tried creating a rule and use "then" but when I check console.logs it doesn't fire in that order


      I need to make sure I fire in order:

      1. pardot cookie tracker script
      2. then fire src script that gets written in with document.write and appends to our dataLayer object as a child
      3. then collect the data from the child object in evars


      step 2 needs to be sequential as it takes more time to load and right now analytics is already trying to capture values before its ready to provide any. How can I create the same sequential HTML as I do in DTM that works?


      thanks for any help.