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    Meet the X-Men!


      I thought a fun way to get better at Ch An would be to make known superheroes and try to mimic their powers with the tools of the program, so I chose my childhood favorites the X-Men and a few of their villains.  After I started making a bunch of them, I ended up tossing them together to make a faux version of the 90s theme song. 

      I think learning how to do something is way easier when you have a reference point of what a character should do and what you can use that character for.  The main thing I learned though is figure out what you need that character for- if it's just 1 second of screen time, they don't need a full set of mouths and blinks and articulation and such.  The first characters I made for this project do more and look worse and the later ones I made do less but look better, at least in my opinion.