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    My puppet's mouth doesn't open when i speak


      I'm a beginner to using character animator so i used the blank face template and modified it. I've checked tutorials and all the mouth files are there and in the right place. In this example, i tried saying 'this is my puppet in character animator' and this happens:

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          alank99101739 Level 5

          sorry to hear you are having problems. Unfortunately the video does not play for me (this video is unavailable). Maybe the video is not public?


          Did you try and the blank face worked? Then made changes and it stopped? That would indicate the hardware side is fine.


          Could you expand the mouth group in the rig window and take a screenshot? That would show the puppet hierarchy. The structure there is very important For correct operation.


          In your timeline panel, is there a lip sync track for the puppet with mouth sounds (vizemes)? In the bottom right of the window is a zoom in knob. are vizemes appearing there (likeAh etc).


          Do you have an audio track in the scene? If no vizemes you can enable the record button for lipsync in your puppet, also highlight the audio track, then select “compute lip sync from audio” in the menus to generate a new set of vizemes.

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            Cuwwa Level 1

            The video is public now, sorry! I think it could be a hardware issue, when i returned to the original blank face that didn't seem to work either. However when i went to see if there were vizemes there weren't any for any of the tracks. Also when i try generating a new set of vizemes, nothing seems to happen? Basically, those 3 things are all problems. The tracks all look like this:CAIssues1.png

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              alank99101739 Level 5

              Cool, thanks. Much better Now.


              The video shows the lip Sync is not working. The Face behavior can do smiles and ‘oh’s without lip sync, which is what you are seeing. All the other mouth positions are generated by lip sync.


              The track you show about is similar - not showing any visemes. (You do need to be careful for long tracks - e.g. 5 mins - if you zoom out too far they get so narrow they disappear.) But I suspect they are just not there.


              When recording, do you have the microphone on? When you play back the recording, do you hear your recorded voice? It may be the microphone is not working, so the lip sync (based on sound analysis) has nothing to work on.


              You can right click in the area below the lip sync track to manually add visemes (the blank area next to the “visemes” heading in your screen shot). If you manually add a few, play back, and they work, that would reinforce the microphone not working.


              The other thing to check is in preferences Character Animator under audio settings has its only audio input controls. You might check that as well - the default might not be correct for your machine.

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                Cuwwa Level 1

                Okay, i think there is something wrong with the microphone, i've just noticed there is a message that says 'audio levels are too low' i will check to see what's up. Thanks!