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    Windows Vista and Winhelp

      Yesterday a client contacted us saying that our online help doesn't work with Windows Vista [ http://support.microsoft.com/kb/917607/en-us ]. For the moment, we don't support Windows Vista yet, but a developer and I have been working on a solution. I've converted the winhelp into a html help with Robohelp HTML X.05 and I seem to have the same problem as so many people. The Map IDs aren't linked anymore to the topics. The file I included in the project is helpresourceB.h and looks like this:

      #define IDD_EVASELECTION 91
      #define IDD_RUNSETUPDLG 92
      #define IDD_LICENSE 94
      #define IDD_CHANGESERVER 95
      #define IDD_EXECDLG 96
      #define IDD_CENTWAR 97
      #define IDD_LOGINDLG 98
      #define IDD_TELNETVIEW 99
      #define IDD_ABOUTBOX 100
      #define IDD_SYSOPTIONS 430
      #define IDD_CHANGEPASSW 449
      #define HCUS_CONTENTS 39999
      #define HCUS_LANDCODE 40000
      #define HCUS_CLIENTSOORT 40001
      #define HCUS_CLIENTCATEGORY 40002
      #define HCUS_NO_TOPIC 40003
      #define HCUS_CREDITEUR 40005

      Is there really no way to maintain the links while converting the project? I have almost 1200 map IDs I have to assign and it would be fantastic if I didn't have to do that manually.
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          RoboColum(n) Level 5
          I sympathise with you Marian83.
          I'd edit the map file and alias file (don't forget that) in a text editor (e.g. notepad). It is far easier and quicker. It may still be manual but it does negate the need to use that awful mapid dialog.
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            Since you are converting from WinHelp, there are some differences you need to be aware of. As Colum said - don't forget the alias file. What is an "alias file?" you may ask. In WinHelp 'aliases' were used to asign a different map number to the same topic. In HTMLHelp, they are a totally different species.

            One of the design ideas of HTMLHelp was that the developer and help author would work independently on conrtext sensitive help. The .h file you have shown is supposed to be the developer's end. Note that it does not contain any references to your topics - just map numbers and somewhat cryptic IDs. The alias file is the help author's end and it links these IDs to your topic file names with the syntax IDD_EVASELECTION=YourTopicName.htm#bookmark. All of these live in an alias file (projectname.ali). These two files together comprise your context sensitive help.

            Hope this helps,


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              Marian83 Level 1
              Hi, the developer could already figure out that I need a *.ali file that contains the aliases but the strange thing is that Robohelp only converts about 65 map IDs. F.ex. HCUS_LANDCODE=Beheer_basisgegevens\Landcodes.htm

              I can't figure out why the other files aren't aliased. Thank you anyway for your help.