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    Lightroom Classic Crashing

    Greenbriar52 Level 1

      Hi. My lightroom cc classic has always run fine but since yesterday after about 5 minutes my display freezes and my desktop is hammering the disc constantly. The only way it is to hard reset my machine. Nothing has changed at my end. Lightroom freezes in different places (library, develop, print modules).

      I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Lr but no luck.

      I'm running Windows 10 and Windows, Lr and drivers are all up to date.

      Any ideas gratefully received as I'm totally stuck and can't use Lr at all now.


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          Greenbriar52 Level 1

          Bit more info - GPU processing is turned off, but makes no difference.

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            dj_paige Level 10

            Please state the exact version NUMBER of Lightroom. We need the NUMBER and not words like "up-to-date" because often people tell us "up-to-date" when it turns out they are not up-to-date.


            The only way it is to hard reset my machine.


            Does this mean your computer is crashing, or just Lightroom is crashing?

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              Greenbriar52 Level 1

              Thanks for the quick response... and apologies for my vagueness.


              Lightroom 7.4


              The computer freezes. Both displays are "on" but curser won't move and keyboard is unresponsive (so I can't alt/tab to another app, or start task manager to close Lr down). It is always about 5 minutes into a Lr session. Disc starts thrashing and everything freezes within a couple of seconds. It doesn't do it with any other app or if Lr isn't running.


              I have restored my catalogue from a previous back-up at a time when things were running OK but still errors in the same way.



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                dj_paige Level 10

                Well, you say nothing has changed, and yet this has all the symptoms of a hardware malfunction somewhere or bad/corrupted driver (video driver or motherboard driver), that's what has changed. You ought to run diagnostics on your hardware, and re-install all drivers.

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                  Greenbriar52 Level 1

                  I have done some testing. This image is Lr memory use while I am carrying out a 3 minute edit of a RAW file



                  If I hadn't exited Lr, memory use would continue to rise to 100% and then my machine would lock up. I repeated this test 5 times.


                  This image is me carrying out exactly the same workflow on the same image but WITH SYNC TO LIGHTROOM CC TURNED OFF.



                  I have run this test comparison 5 times and every time, if sync to Lightroom CC is turned ON, Lr doesn't release memory and after 5 minutes it crashes and takes my machine with it. Every time I run Lr with sync turned OFF, memory is flatlined. So - while this give some respite, it is only a workaround. I have sent this info to Adobe to get their views on if there is a permanent solution.

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                    cmgap Adobe Community Professional

                    What you are describing sounds very similar to a recent problem with  a client’s Lr on a Mac. Diagnostics at the Apple store failed the mother board.


                    Do you have a Current Time Machine backup?


                    Do you have Apple Care?


                    Have you tried Disk Repair in Disk Utlitlies?

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                      Greenbriar52 Level 1


                      I'm running a Windows machine, not a Mac.


                      I've run a range of h/w tests and all are coming back 100% OK.


                      I am putting this down to a bug in Lightroom rather than anything wrong with my machine given the last set of tests that I did with and without synching turned on. I have done more tests and they are coming back consistently the same - synching with Lightroom CC causes memory not to be released for some reason.

                      I need to test this on another machine, which I will do later tonight, to see if it fails there too.

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                        Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Sounds like a bug with the Syncing to CC indeed. That wouldn't be surprising as that part of Classic is quite buggy in my experience.