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    4K UHD Videos ruckeln




      ich habe immer das Problem, dass Videos in hoher Auflösung in LR extrem ruckeln.

      Aufgenommen werden diese mit einer GoPro, spiele ich sie normal ab gibt es keine Probleme, über VLC oder den Player am Mac.


      Hat jemand eine Idee woran das liegen kann?


      Die Videos sind auf einer externen Platte welche über Thunderbolt 1 angeschlossen ist.

      Der Mac hat:

      2,3 GHz i7

      16GB Ram

      Intel HD 4000 1536MB


      Wie gesagt sieht man sich die Videos direkt an gibt es kein Problem....




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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I always have the problem that videos in high resolution in LR extremely jerky.
          These are recorded with a GoPro, I play them normally there are no problems, via VLC or the player on the Mac.

          Does anyone have an idea what this may be?

          The videos are on an external disk which is connected via Thunderbolt 1.
          The Mac has:
          2.3 GHz i7
          16GB Ram
          Intel HD 4000 1536MB

          As I said you can see the videos directly to there is no problem ....

          Thank you



          To get a better idea of what might be wrong, copy one of the videos to the internal drive and see if it will play any better.  You might also compare the frame rate in VLC when played off the thunderbolt vs off the internal drive.


          It at least used to be that LR would transcode videos to an internal cache version and maybe that isn't using the video acceleration when playing or maybe LR is transcoding another video at the same time as you're trying to play the one so the drive can't keep up--if the external drive has an I/o activity light then you can watch before, during and after playing to see if it's only active during or perhaps busy all the time.  Or maybe LR isn't dropping frames to be on time like other players might, so it's jerky.

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            martins83953794 Level 1



            Thank you for your help!

            First i copied a 4k Video on the internal drive and the video wasn't jerky at all! When i play the same from the external device you couldn't watch it without any troubles...


            I have a activity light on the drive and it only flashes when i do something in LR, for example when i start the video it starts flashing and when the video ends the light gets still.


            The thing with the internal cache from LR sounds interesting. When i start a short video it is very jerky after playing it once i can watch it without any problems... Maybe the first playing is jerky because of the copying to the cache an then he plays the file from the cache?


            But what should i do now?

            I thought a external drive with thunderbolt is fast enough so that i could work with it...? Should i buy a bigger SSD to expand the internal drive? How do other people work?


            Thank you for the useful tips!