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    Develop Settings Lost - Restoring XMP From Time Machine


      Let's see if I can explain this properly


      1- On July 16th, I imported hundreds of images into LR. I use the setting "save changed to XMP".
      2- On July 17th in the afternoon I exported these images to JPG which included all the development changes I had made in between import and this export.

      3- Today, July 26th, I look back at the folder of images and all development changes have been reset to "as shot" essentially.

      4- Opening Time Machine and looking at the XMP files, comparing their modified dates, I find that each file was changed, then stayed unchanged on 7/17, 7/18/ 7/19. Then on 7/20 all XMP files were modified at the exact same time, 1:10pm, suggesting all files were selected and perhaps an accidental shortcut was hit, resetting everything at once.

      5- Opening a LR Catalog backup (from a couple hours before the supposed XMP disaster) also shows no development changes.


      My confusion is this: The XMP files in Time Machine from the 18th and the 19th SHOULD contain the development settings that I made, since altered JPGS were exported on the 17th and the mess up seems to have happened on the 20th. Restoring an XMP from the 18th or 19th back to the catalog SHOULD show the development changes I made to my CR2. But so far, restoring those files causes no change to the image in the catalog, and it only appears "as shot".


      Am I not understanding how this process works? If it were you, would you tackle the issue the same way? Once restoring the XMP, what would you do in LR to try to test the effects of that XMP to see if it worked?


      I'm sure these changes are lost, but I'd love to understand this better. And on that note, does anyone know how to disable the "reset settings" shortcut?


      Thank you!