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    Solo Property


      I have a puppet with about 20 - 30 properties in the record window.


      Can I solo a property so when I'm cleaning up animation i can isolate properties without having to toggle them all on and off?

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          alank99101739 Level 5

          There is an eye icon next to each “take” in the scene window. If you deselect that it disables (but does not delete) that property, It does so at the behavior level - so the transform behavior has X, Y, scale etc. I don’t think you can disable them invididually. (You can however add multiple transform behaviors to the one puppet then disable them individually, but that is probably overkill.)

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            Shibazz Level 1

            I'm asking if i can solo a property. I know I can disable them one by one with the eye icon, but if i have 30 properties enabled, is there a hotkey i can press to isolate one property, without having to disable 29 manually?


            Oh, I don't think I'm using properties correctly. Behaviors. The items directly below the "Track Items Behavior" dropdown in the record tab. Can I solo those?

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              Shibazz Level 1

              I still don't know if you can solo a behavior, but you can command click a behavior to enable/disable them in mass. So you can toggle between them all on or off, which does make it easier to isolate a behavior.

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                alank99101739 Level 5

                I think you have now found everything I know of. If you are talking about recording just one property, yes, the control click toggles them all on/off. (Personally I find this behavior a bit strange - I would have rathered it turned off everything else except the current item which is turned on - I never want everything on at once.). Sorry, I thought by solo you were talking about playback (the eye icons).


                It is very common to only arm the behavior or properties (of behaviors) you want to record and do a few at a time, and layer the results together. By disarming behaviors, you can see theIr effect while you record the new take. Sometimes its useful to add two dragger behaviors for example - you can record the first dragger, then do a second recording with a second dragger. If you rearm the first dragger, you cannot see the existing drags (even if you don’t overwrite them). Same for other behaviors, but I do It most offen with draggers.


                (I find I need to do elbow drags occasionally when the arms go crazy, so I add another dragger so I can see where the hands are from the first drag.)

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