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    Colors not showing in Adobe Acrobat, but only in Adobe Reader!

    markh92411700 Level 1

      Most all of my PDFs have the color green on them, as it's a color in our company logo... but within the last month when I open documents with the color green everything but the green shows.  I can see the green if I right click and open that PDF in Adobe Reader, but when I open it with Adobe Acrobat (as I need to do) I can't see half of the colors!  Help!! I need to be able to see my entire document and it's colors when editing and showing others.  Everyone I work with also uses only Adobe Acrobat so when viewing this documents it appears we are missing half of our logos or phrases that are in the color green. Any and all shades of green...


      No, the green colors are not an inserted image, they are stand-alone objects.  But in some cases they ARE an inserted png image and still yet again, the green does not show.  It has not always been like this, just within the past few months.  No Adobe upgrade has occurred on my computer.


      Example: (this is the exact same pdf in each view, just opening with a different program)

      View from Adobe Acrobat

      View from Adobe Reader