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    Problems with Flash cs3 swc in Flex 2.01

    marceloxx669 Level 1
      I´ve coded a flash cs3 component, it runs without problems as a swf file, but when I try to use the swc in flex i get this error : " VerifyError: Error # 1107:The ABC data is corrupt, attempt to read out of bounds. " I have others swc in the project and they run smooth and clean, but this one gives me the error. If I create a new flex project and load only this swc in the lib folder, the application runs but the component shows up without rendering all of its content. (this component is an animated truck and the tires don't show up)

      What is happening?

      using xp , flex 2.01 .

      thanks in advanced

      update: I´ve applied the sdk hotfix 3 and now the error shows up in both projects, the one with a single component and the other one with several components