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    Create dynamic links.

    newportri Level 1
      In a left nav column, I have several links:
      <cfmenu name="nav" type="vertical" bgcolor="white" fontcolor="black">
      <cfmenuitem display="page1"
      </cfmenuitem> etc.

      I want each link to display the target page in the right table cell:

      <cfdiv id="myDiv" bind="url:page1.cfm">

      I have got this working but It acts erratically.

      A few questions: does there need to be the same number of div tags as links, e.g. <cfdiv id="myDiv" bind="url:page2.cfm">
      </cfdiv> etc.?

      Does the target page need to be a standalone HTML document or can it be simply text that takes on the style elements of the area it displays in?

      Not a lot of postings re: cfmenu- are people using it?

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          Oğuz Demirkapı Level 1
          There is no direct connection with the cfmenu and reference links. You can even use direct links without any cfmenu.

          such as:
          <a href="javascript:ColdFusion.navigate('content.cfm?page=aboutus','mainContent');">About Us</a>

          You can use any HTML/CFM template or text or image etc. for your binded divs. It is just URL.