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    Software Licensing for InDesign JS

    yehudan37348595 Level 1


      I have been developing a set of InDesign scripts for around 6 months now.

      I am now ready to sell it on my Wordpress site.


      I really want to implement a licensing system that will stop people from pirating my scripts.


      I found these WP plugins which look promising, as they automate the process of license key generation etc. [works with Easy Digital Downloads]:

      https://docs.easydigitaldownloads.com/article/1038-software-licensing-api---example-using- javascript

      and this one [which works also with Woocommerce, but is built for WP plugins etc. & is free!]:



      The big question is how to integrate a  HTTP GET request from Extendscript to check for license validation.

      I know that there is a Socket object.

      How is it used?

      Does somebody have an idea how to integrate the above mentioned systems?


      Any help is greatly appreciated

      P.S. If this works - this will be a great benefit for all InDesign scripters!!!