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    FPS Shutdown during the preview


      Hi everyone,


      I'm in a bad situation.


      I actually have a good config (laptop) : I7 6700 HQ, GTX 1070, 12 go ram...


      But the problem is that when I edit my videos (in 4K) i got FPS drops and the editing is becoming horrible (2-3 FPS to 20). The line up to the timeline is always yellow.


      To fix this, i tried many things :


      - Reinstall Windows (With the HP system, so there is drivers pre-installed)
      - Desinstall - Reinstall CG Drivers

      - R-einstall adobe premiere

      - Putting "MME Option"

      - Cleaning cache

      - Putting all of my rushs on the SSD to edit (I also have an HDD)

      - Work in CUDA (Giving charge on the GPU)

      But notihng works.


      When I edit, my CPU performances goes from 20% to 80%
      Graphics card is used for something like 20%
      Memory is going between 20 an 70 % also.


      So I really don't know what to do. Would be awesome to have your help guys, if someone is really good in adobe premiere,or just already had this situation, I'll be thanksfull forever


      BTW i'm editing in 100Mbps files. Maybe they are too heavy ? I don't know...


      Does anyone have any idea?





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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I would guess you're working with media from a DSLR, mirror-less, phone, or drone?


          That is almost always long-GOP media ... it isn't just compressed, the specialized chip in the camera writes only every 9-15, 30 or more 'frames' to card as a complete frame. All in-between 'frames' are just data sets of pixels that 1) have changed since the previous i-frame, 2) will change before the next i-frame, or 3) BOTH. Requires a ton of work in the CPU/cores/threads/RAM system for frames and bits of frames flying around before it even gets to the video processing system.


          4k-100Mbps files, yea, those are a load.


          So ... use PrPro's built-in Proxy setup, including the Cineform presets. Don't worry about frame-size in the proxy preset, match the frame aspect ratio.


          The 'complete' pdf manual for PrPro includes some details of the proxy workflow in Chapter 3 ...


          Premiere Pro Manual:     https://helpx.adobe.com/pdf/premiere_pro_reference.pdf


          This is the full help page on the proxy workflow, still pretty much the same even though this was published for the 2015.3 version ...

          Adobe Premiere Pro Help | Ingest and Proxy Workflow in Premiere Pro CC 2015.3


          Once the proxies are created, working with them is pretty slick.