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    UIComponent's updateDisplayList();

    XXIlladelphia Level 1
      does a UIComponent have the state 'upSkin', 'overSkin', 'downSkin', etc (and is this property accessible during updateDisplayList()?
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          I don't think that UIComponent has these styles, but if you look in the documentation you will know the answer for sure
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            Gregory Lafrance Level 6
            I think the availability of skins for various components depends on aspects of their "typical" use. For example a Label does not respond to use input, so it does not have 'upSkin', 'overSkin', 'downSkin', etc. Button on the other hand does have 'upSkin', 'overSkin', 'downSkin', etc. because Buttons do respond to user input.

            Perhaps the FB3 help topic "Making properties styleable" can be used to make custom controls skinnable where comparable standard Flex components would not be, though I suspect that is not really what you are trying to do.