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    Is there a way to have multiple CH Project files reference the same Original Artwork file?

    Emily_Watts Level 1

      I'm having some version control problems with my original artwork files, and would like to know if anyone has found an elegant way to keep one master .PSD or .AI file with your original artwork, but have multiple .CHPROJ projects reference the same file? The key here being that I don't want to re-rig my puppet every time; I want to import it as a .puppet file, not directly from the original .PSD file.


      Here's the scenario I'm encountering in more detail:


      (1) Create new puppet artwork in Photoshop or Illustrator. Bring it into CH. Rig it up all fancy!  :-)

      (2) Now, let's say you want to have separate CH Project files for each episode of your show, since the files get really large once you've got a lot of characters, recordings, etc. in one episode.

      (3) Export your .PUPPET file so you can import it as needed into a new CH Project file every time you make a new episode.

      (4) BUT, now each new project makes a complete copy of your .PSD artwork, rather than referencing your original .PSD file. Is there a way to point all new projects toward your true original artwork instead of the copy that was bundled into your exported .puppet file?


      My current workaround:

      I avoid using the "Edit > Edit Original..." menu item within CH to edit my artwork. That will only edit the copy of the original that's specific to this Project -- and that's where the version control problems arise! Instead, I go to my true original .PSD file saved on my computer. Make the changes. Then copy that .PSD and paste it myself into the Gathered Media folders within all the different CH Project files I have saved for each episode.


      The workaround does work. But what I'd like to do is make a one-time change to do something like putting a shortcut/alias to my master .PSD file in the Gathered Media folder instead. That way, I can always have all my episodes that feature this puppet refer to a single .PSD file that I maintain and update.


      Thoughts? Or has anyone thought of a different way to manage the version control on your puppet artwork? Thanks!