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    Intention to End-of-life Ad Hoc Analysis (Discover) announced

    jen.lasser Adobe Employee

      On August 6, 2018, Adobe announced plans to end-of-life Ad Hoc Analysis, as well as the Discover point-product. Ad Hoc Analysis functionality and capabilities are being moved to Analysis Workspace. It is common practice for Adobe to announce plans to deprecate a technology at least one year in advance, to give our customers plenty of time to migrate projects, learn new workflows and ease into the transition. To ensure all users make a smooth transition, Adobe is targeting Q3 2019 to deprecate Ad Hoc Analysis. For more information, visit adobe.ly/discoverworkspace.


      In support of this announcement, we are working toward improving 3 primary workflows in Analysis Workspace, giving you the ability to:

      1) Build advanced queries, without having to wait for individual components to build

      2) Download 50K rows from freeform tables

      3) Remove repeat instances from Flow

      A date for end-of-life/access will not be set until these workflows are improved.


      This thread has been created to provide a channel for feedback about the announcement.