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    Odd colors in Lightroom - old and new imports

    donb52979168 Level 1

      I'm looking for help with a problem that just started for me today. See the attached picture...


      LR Develop module view is showing some odd colors. Preview is OK at left. This happens to raw files I just imported and files that I imported months ago.


      I have updated video drivers, just updated Lightroom, and Windows 10 update hasn't run in several days. I imported and edited files 3 days ago and did not have this problem.


      I calibrated my monitors today and set both to use the sRGB profile as mentioned in some other forum posts that seem to report a similar problem.


      I do not have any import presets, although that is kind of irrelevant as this problem is showing for raw files from a long time ago.

      Opening this raw file in Photoshop via Camera Raw does not exhibit the problem (either in PS or Camera Raw)


      lightroom color issue.JPG

      Thanks for any ideas you can share.