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    Adobe DC and Acrobat 2017 out of memory error.

    mariuss71733936 Level 1

      I have been use DC in a computer with 16GB RAM, i7 processor.

      Creating pdf from webpage.


      Out of memory.


      So, i buy another computer. 64GB RAM, i7 last generation. I also buy the latest Adobe Acrobat 2017 version.


      Surprise. Same error.


      I have been paid a lot of money for those two software and for the new computer. Hoping is working.

      Not, is not working. I have been try all the methods that i read here. Nothing work.


      But, why the versions 7 and 8 of Acrobat are working just fine? And i am running those two in weak computers, no problem..


      From years now, it seems Adobe did not care about this issue. It is a shame, for you, guys.


      I will wait more few days and next, i will tell to everyone who buy those products to ask for money back.

      First, my money back.