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    external swf problem

      I am using external swf files on a site am working on .However, i got the main externa swf and saved as to create a new swf which i want to use.However, flash cs3 has refused to create an external swf for this new document av created and when i try to link my buttons to te folder in which all swf files are, am getting errors.

      I cant figure out why it isnt creating external swf'.files.please help.
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          clbeech Level 3
          All swf files do not run on their own in a webpage and must be embedded within a html document with code by a variety of means (one of the best is by using SWFObject.js to embed) We refer to files being 'external' if they are being loaded into another swf file via the loadMovie method, but better yet using the MovieClipLoader class. one cannot simply 'point' to another swf file and have it show up in your browser - you must embed the file in a html page and point to the address for that html file, unless you are attempting to load the swf into another main swf that is already embedded. Flash does not 'create' external files - you have to set this up to function the way you would like.

          But there still may be other reasons that your system is not working and the path to the files may not be correct, it will all depend on the structure of your document, your loading methods and the directory structure you are attempting to call.
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            luwieus Level 1
            thanks for the analysis mate.it was my proble with the paths and links.