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    LR Classic CC problem with Export of Panorama images

    red735i Level 1

      LR VVV Version 7.4

      Quickie: Panorama images get lost when the catalog is exported.


      I have a problem that seems like I am doing something wrong…. Can someone help me figure out the solution?

      I use a desktop computer for this part…..

      My images were on a specific HDD inside my Desktop.  In one folder, were ALL the subject images. 

      I have a bunch of RAW images that are made into a Panorama.  Images are saved and are available to any Library or Develop or Book module work I wish to do.

      I made up a book…. All ok…. Images come up just fine.

      Then I exported my catalog of images to a second, portable HDD.  All images from this book, used or not,  were exported.

      Switching to my Laptop…..

      I then took the HDD and Imported the catalog to my laptop.

      I am missing ALL the panorama images, but of course, the base, imported viewable images were there….as were the little images used for general viewing

      I checked the HDD, using the file explorer ( Win 10), but they were apparently not put on the HDD, even though the non-Panorama images were all accounted for.  No non-Panorama images were lost….

      I can create the RAW panoramas again, but that means re-editing them all…..


      What happened to my real, created RAW panoramas?  Where might they be hiding?


      Note: I performed the same operations before, without issue, on previous versions of LRCCC.  This time I hit a snag…….