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    Lightroom duplicating & renaming photos on import

    briang64741301 Level 1

      Occasionally while importing, Lightroom duplicates and renames random images - for example it will import a photo named 'VT5D4-6146.CR2', and create a duplicate image that is named 'VT5D4-6146-2.CR2'. (I add the VT5D4 prefix as part of the import)


      Sometimes a duplicate image is named 'VT5D4-2.CR2', and the next random image which is duplicated will be 'VT5D4-2-2.CR2'.


      My last import was of 169 photos, and 25 were duplicated.


      There doesn't seem to be a pattern to this, and it's only been happening in the last two weeks.


      Nothing has changed in my workflow and I'm completely baffled by this.

      Thanks for any help