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    ARW not supported, in 2018?

    Romsdalsfilm Level 1

      So i have a few timelapse sequences that i would like to edit before grading - but Premiere Pro is actually not accepting the raw format from one of the defacto most popular filming cameras of the past three years. How come is this? Why is ARW files not accepted, but Canon is?


      Since Lightroom and Photoshop already read ARW just fine, i guess its just a simple coding job to get Premiere to accept them as well. What gives?

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          R Neil Haugen Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Photoshop and Lightroom fido not share any code with PrPro. Writing this would require a completely new bit of code. And I'll note, there are many other heavily used cameras whose specialized files are not handled well or at all in PrPro.


          Every update, they do add cameras/file-types. And they have ongoing work to expand support for Arri, Red, and Sony's pro cameras in progress let alone all the new drone and other rigs out there.


          So, go where Ann suggested. Post a request on the Adobe UserVoice system that is linked to the top of the Overview page of this forum.


          But understand you're asking for a *still* image format to be added  ... while the emphasis here will be on needed video formats.


          So I would expect that prepping those image elsewhere for importing into PrPro may be required for quite some time.


          Actually I don't know of a RAW stills image that PrPro accepts. Could be wrong of course but the best practices advice has always been import jpeg, tiff, or png files at between 2 and 3 times the pixel dimensions of the sequence they'll be used on.


          Larger images add a ton of overhead to the computer workload without any editing benefits.



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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            I don't think PP can import any RAW still image files, only RAW video formats.

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