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    Premiere pro save failure


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      Hi there!


      Recently I've been having a problem where my manual and auto save files do not record any timeline structure and information. I have a folder on my external hard-drive where all saved files go, and when I open the folder, all my latest files show up. It is organized by project so it is not hard to find the most recent save of a certain project I have been working on. Until now I have had no problem opening and resuming all work where I last started. Now, whenever I open a file from a certain project (city dance), none of my timeline appears. I have read other forums and used the tips and tricks recommended there, but nothing has seemed to help.


      To clarify, Adobe Premiere Pro does store auto-saves correctly, and all my projects retain their timelines EXCEPT this certain project. Additionally, for some weird reason, an older version of the project that was lost saved in a file belonging to a completely separate project... Please help!