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    PXW-X70 (PXW-Z90V?) Proxy Files Don't Work With Adobe Premiere Pro CC


      Adobe doesn't make two areas of proxy files automatic:



      1) Ingest - it's not obvious what you're ingesting/transcoding TO: There's lots of words but the details are not obvious

      2) Association - Naming New Files - It doesn't automatically rename files to _Proxy - creating fusion

      3) Association - Attaching - It doesn't automatically attach proxy files and allow this process to be transparent

      4) Audio Matching - The method of ingest you select may not match the recording audio methods used in the clip, and it will fail AFTER the ingest


      1 whole day chasing these demons trying to get it to work.


      The problem is:


      I'm on a 2012 MBP maxed out. Apple hasn't released a significantly stronger laptop machine since then and won't for another 3-6 months with at least 32MB RAM.


      Adobe has matured. Adobe looks amazing and has come a long way since 2012.


      Sony's cameras have matured. My PXW-x70's performance is amazing and I'm looking to upgrade, but the files automatically generated by Sony (with a +SO[n=#] file format does not automatically get picked up by the proxy functions in Adobe.


      Seriously, seriously frustrating. Sony's files LOOK small enough to make them work in Adobe, but I can't MAKE them associate due to the audio issue.


      ADOBE: You should know one solution for customers is to fly to Davinci Resolve at least to get the transcoding right. You might be losing people to DaVinci for that reason.


      SONY: Has never given two craps about interoperability. Otherwise: IT would just automagically append the word _PROXY to the filenames of the file IN-CAMERA -- OH, wouldn't that be heaven? The file sizes are right anyway.


      For someone looking to upgrade both my computer and camera in the next 3 months, I'm seriously re-evaluating my relationships to all three brands.


      And I'm ONLY trying to do the highest HD clip sizes - not even 4k.


      Now I have to shell out hundreds of dollars for time outside of my workspace and off my machine to get the work done, cutting into my bottom line.


      Not what I had in mind, here, guys.