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    Bug: full width with widget makes content shift

    BryanSadler Level 1

      OK, this issue has existed since the beginning and I do not understand how this has not been fixed yet!


      if you make a any composition widget item snap the edges for full screen capability... it does this to the rest of your website content (see image). It shifts the all the other content on your website to left, making a horrible gap of content on the right, with only the widget that goes full width.... EVEN if the other content is snapped to the edge as a full screen continued element.

      Its like the widget element overwrites them and there is no fix!!

      It does this on both samsung and Iphone (and I'm sure others, I have not tested it.)



      This is seriously the most annoying and discouraging bug ever! No one can make full width browser menus using widgets!



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          Ussnorway Adobe Community Professional

          the brick wall is a background image

          you don't have an alt layout for phones or a small breackpoint for devices like iphone so the design gets mashed into the browser however it fits... in short this is a design issue, not a bug


          p.s, Muse is now eol and Adobe is not fixing anything

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            fotoroeder Adobe Community Professional

            Additional, and in case you won`t have heard from breakpoints:


            You only use a fixed width site with 960

            Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-30 um 09.30.52.png

            Here you may follow, that between 960 and 320 (minimum width) it is up to you, how to keep on designing.


            Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-30 um 09.33.33.png

            Your menu may be changed to a mobile menu (some even call it hamburger menu ) and everything else should be rearranged like from top to bottom or what ever you prefer. You can keep on with fixed width breakpoints (which I recommend in your case) or go for fluid width breakpoints.

            So UssNorway found your "bug" – eat it or serve it.


            Best Regards,


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              BryanSadler Level 1

              OK then It is a design flaw in the way adobe muse is made then,

              Because It is completely useless for me to have to make multiple breakpoint for every size browser width device that exists specially when I have everything snapping to the edges to do full width browser extension. Everything should just auto continue to the edge of whatever device it is being viewed on.... since I dragged the content boxes to the edge (to fit browser width).. and it completely works!... that is..... until you drag a muse widget to the browser with and then the bug happens. Yes it is a bug, or a glitch or whatever you want to call it. but everything works normal, until you try to make a muse widget go full width and then all your other content stops stretching to the full browser width.

              (This problems is specific to phone viewing)








              P.S. I AM SO SAD THAT ADOBE ENDED MUSE! Muse has the potential to take over the entire web market and become the industry standard for web design, much like illustrator and photoshop have become! this program has changed the game for me and so many designers, designing websites with code is such an archaic method we should be way beyond this by now! we do not photo edit with code? why do we still build websites with code? PLEASE adobe reconsider and bring back support you guys were doing so well!