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    Flex App Hangs on Streaming FLV Seek

      Good afternoon all.

      In my current Flex 2 project, I'm switching our video playback components from using progressive download to streaming playback via FMS 3. Everything's working great and doing what it should, but occasionally when I perform a seek on a NetStream, my whole application freezes until the seek operation is complete.

      I was curious if there were places in my code that were causing the slowdown, so I created a very basic barebones version of the streaming player (one netconnection, one netstream, one flash.media.video component, and an HSlider as a timeline) and even then I was getting the freeze on seek.

      Is this behavior common, or should I perform more tests to see if there's a bottleneck somewhere? If it helps, FMS is currently being run on a somewhat overtaxed dev box - could that be causing the freeze as well?