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    Lightroom large format printing issue


      Hi I have been on the official adobe helpline and conveniently got cut off when the problem I had printing pointed back to a software issue rather than the printer...?



      ok rant over has anyone had this issue..


      Im printing a panoramic image on 24in roll paper stock

      image size is 98cm x 40 cm


      my paper setting is 610mm x 1150mm paper type profile saved.

      cell rotated as to fit the paper size with ease.

      on printing it gets 80 % through the print then the printer head parks , fan is on and printer lcd and well as the printer dialogue box has no error message.

      just stops right at the same spot of 74cm through the print.

      Got on the phone to epson and they sugested  making the print bigger? I did this and it printed all the way through. why - no idea!

      They say its a software problem in LR.

      I needed the exact print size for a client so got on the phone to Adobe support and no one has been able to crack it.

      Anyone got any suggestions.

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          juliet10890165 Level 1

          I am having a similar issue where when I try to print a large 38"x76" tif file out of LR to an Epson P9000 printer it fails, in my case the head moves back and forth and the paper feeds but no ink gets laid down. Everything works properly on smaller prints (24"x52" works), but when I try and print really large prints it fails.


          I have tried different images/files and the same problem shows up.


          I tried printing out of CaptureOne and it prints fine.


          I tried printing the same image/file out of LR to a different Epson printer (P10000) and it works. The P10000 has an internal hard drive for print managing, and I wonder if that is the difference?? I can add a print manager internal HD to the P9000, but Epson says this won't fix the issue -

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            thedigitaldog MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            What printer and driver, what OS?